“I do believe that SA OCR is a good initiative and I certainly see the value in a governing body such as SA OCR, to support athletes, regulate event standards and promote the Sport of OCR in the country. I do believe that most athletes see SA OCR as the official body, even though the sport is not yet recognized by Sport and Recreation SA and the Olympic committee.
All my dealings with SA OCR thus far was positive and I do feel that the management was fair and independent.”

by Fritz Pienaar  – The Warrior Race

“As we all know it is very tough getting a new OCR event off the ground and it takes a lot of key people to make a successful first event. I want to thank Alec Avierinos and team at SA OCR for all the support you have shown us since our first event in April 2016. You and SA OCR clearly want to grow the sport by encouraging strong relationships between race organizers, athletes and all teams. The sport of OCR is growing at a rapid pace and we need a central body to coordinate all international competitions where South African OCR athletes can be proud to wear the SA OCR jersey. As a start-up event in 2016 we have not been in a position to contribute to the Athletes fund to OCR World Championships to the extent that we would like but please rest assured we are there for the team in 2017 as our event grows across South Africa. The Grind – Obstacle Course Racing is behind you all the way!!”

by Mat Barlett  – The Grind

“As a training facility owner I can agree that this is one of the fastest growing sports in SA. In having such a fast growing sport we enjoy the fact that there is a central point been “SA OCR” for all latest results, events, race organising (national and international), interviews, race reports and so much more. I personally appreciate everything Alec Avierinos has done to help grow the sport and his involvement and we can be lucky to have him on board. I know our next step should be a SA OCR board perhaps a few facilities been the board and appointed by Alec who will lead up this. OCR in SA has changed lives and I can get to see this daily. Excited to see what the future holds.”

by Rudi Delport – OCT South

“Daddys OCR support SA OCR and also very thankful for the support shown to us to grow by Alex and SA OCR. Alex has been very helpful and supportive of all our efforts.”

by Jaco Van Onselen – Daddy’s Adventures

“Beast Challenge and SA OCR partnered up the beginning of this year. We have enjoyed and love how SA OCR have tried to put OCR on the map. Here at The Beast Challenge we want to challenge our Elites and press them to the max of their physical and mental abilities. Our Wild and our Tame, we have taken that “impossible” factor out and focused on the fun factor. With SA OCR and The Beast Challenge we cannot forget the guys who make the sport – those are our average weekend warriors. The people who we want to show that they can do a lot more than they think they can, while having fun. We hope to see SA OCR grow the sport more come 2017, more awareness, more acknowledgement for the age group racers looking to compete, but don’t have the time to be an Elite and more funding for our Team SA OCR Athletes for World’s. Yes it’s a tough task and our sport is still small, but it’s steps that need to be taken for this sport to grow – and it starts with the ego boost of our average weekend warriors.”

by The Beast Team – The Beast Challenge

“In South Africa, we have seen exponential growth in the global phenomenon that is Obstacle Course Racing. As Chief Inspirer of the largest OCR series in South Africa and ambassador of the event and their many sponsors, I am privileged to witness not only the best of the best competing for top prizes, but humbled by my intimate engagements with recreational athletes and spectators who have chosen this new fringe sport to live healthier and happier lives.

SA OCR’s role in helping to grow and maintain the sport is an honorable one, especially in the midst of conventional sports that dominate our schools and professional organisations and federations. The education and support that SA OCR brings to athletes, spectators, sponsors and the community at large is vital to the future of the sport and to the ongoing support of our hardworking OCR athletes. I have no doubt that OCRWC will witness the stellar performances that will come from a unique zeal and tenacity of our elite SA athletes in action come mid October. I just wish that we could have the kind of support other nations enjoy where we send our full compliment of OCR athletes who best represent the nation of South Africa. Certainly, this is a pivotal focus area where SA OCR will make a huge impact on the sport come 2017″

by WarriorRic – Chief Inspirer and Brand Ambassador – Website

“Outrageously Rageous Courageous… Fastest growing sport in my opinion and makes you push your limits in every race. SA OCR definitely by doing a great job at promoting all the events and making sure the athletes are up to date with all the details, results of event etc.”

by Darryl Allcock – OCR Athlete

“It’s the “home” of OCR across our beautiful country. Where people can collaborate, communicate, share, inspire and be inspired. We’d be lost without SA OCR”

by Kimberleigh Yeomans   – OCR Athlete

“Great to have a body which helps to coordinate and align the sport. This way SA OCR can look after the sport whereas teams look after their athletes. It would however be great if all the different teams can act as stakeholders and support SA OCR in their quest to grow the sport. Maybe every team should nominate a member to act as a representative whom can support SA OCR and form some sort of a forum. There are always room for improvement, but I think Alec Avierinos is doing a great job to act as an independent body to try and take the sport to new heights.”

by Willem Erasmus – OCR Athlete (Top 10 in SA)

“SA OCR is basically the glue with all the events sticking to it, before I heard of you I didn’t know of the World Championships. Knowing about it has added a new challenge. Every race, every day of training is a new challenge to get to the next level, and even though I might not get to the worlds, I’m going to try, it’s something to work harder for. I usually tell myself “why are you stopping, you’re still breathing, keep going” SA OCR promotes and shares the opinions of all events and people who feel the same way, I want to train hard to have a goal and you guys have pointed me in the right direction.”

by Heinrich R. Kühn – OCR Athlete

“SA OCR is a great platform to learn about our sport and has definitely contributed to the growth of OCR in South Africa. I still believe there is a lot of space for improvement but so far Alec has made the right moves and built a great team around himself. I support SA OCR because it has provided me as an athlete some much needed motivation to become a better athlete and eventually reach the top level of this sport. Thanks and keep our sport growing!”

by Louis Smit – OCR Athlete (Top 10 in SA)

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