• SA OCR SERIES (Launching in January 2019) leverages the best local events on the existing SA OCR calendar, The Warrior Race series 8 events, Tough Mudder 2 events and the SA National Championships. Covering we track and rank all SA OCR athletes on a leader board, in their respective age groups as well as elite and overall. Objective: The ability to identify and recognise SA’s top OCR athletes and select a National Team. Initially comprising of the top 3 Male and Female elite athletes and the top Male and Female in each age group.
  • SA OCR AWARDS a function after SA Champs to award the 2019 winners of SA Champs as well as recognise the  best performing 2018 SA OCR athletes who competed internationally.
  • INTERNATIONAL EXPOSURE COLLABORATION WITH OCRWC, TOUGH MUDDER, SPARTAN, OTHER international brands for our SA OCR athletes to gain international racing experience.
  • Team Participation there are limited structured team The intention is to encourage the formation of more teams. Encourage the race organisers to recognise the top performing teams at their events as well as at the SA OCR Awards.



  • SUPPORT SA OCR FUND (Launched in 2014) has already enabled South African OCR athletes to attend OCRWC events since 2014. ALL OCR athletes in SA are eligible for selection and qualification for international events. Selected athletes who are SA OCR members are eligible to receive funding from SA OCR. To contribute too SA OCR athletes Entry fees, travel and accommodation costs.
  • PARTNER NETWORK SA OCR has a network of product and service providers who provide discounts to SA OCR members. Brands sell to SA OCR at wholesale who intern resell their products and services at retail to the general OCR public and at a discount to members. In return for marketing and direct selling of their products and services. SA OCR pays commissions on sales generated by members and Ambassadors
  • AMBASSADOR PROGRAMME SA OCR has appointed  ambassadors to assist in membership sales, content creation and promotion of  OCR in their geographic and general sphere of influence. They earn commission on membership sales.
  • SA OCR Membership is available to anyone who can see value in being a member.
  • SA OCR needs to provide value propositions to the following:
    – Race Organisers
    – Elite Athletes
    – Social Athletes
    – Sponsors
    – Advertisers
    – Product suppliers
If you require any further information on COVID-19, visit the sacoronavirus.co.za