OCR Grading Criteria

  1. Number of participants in the Elite batch 60+
  2. Mandatory Obstacle completion for the Elite batch.
  3. At least 20+ Obstacles
  4. Elite race 15+ Km
  5. Winning time for Elite men not less than 1h20min.
  6. Prize money minimum R 20 000.00
  7. Of the top 10 Male and Female Athletes at least 5 need to be present. ( 25% )
  8. Race must be affiliated with SA Seeding.

A race which complies with 5 or more of the current criteria will qualify as an A graded race.

A race which complies with less than 5 of the criteria will qualify as a B graded race which will count 10% less than an a graded race.





A race with this badge is an A graded race (complies with 5 or more criteria)



A race with this badge is a B graded race (complies with 4 or less criteria)





A race with this badge is affiliated with SA Seeding and is a part of their indexing.




rating_WorldQualiferA race with this badge qualifies the top racers in their categories for the OCR World Championships




saocr_fundA race with this badge contributes to SA OCR’s athlete fund, which is going to help SA athletes get to the World Championships in October.