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Doing OCR with heart

A broad smile touches the faces of Trish and Claude Eksteen when they describe the organic growth of their Adventure Obstacle Training facility in Durban North, KZN. Both with a solid love for sport between them; particularly trail running and

Combating The Chill Factor

Outdoor training during the winter months. What an oxymoron. A battle with the mind to put on the sports gear, tie up the laces, and head out the door. Once out of the comfortable cocoon of your house, it soon

Brandon Hulley: OCR WC and Fortuner 4×4 Challenge Winner!

How did you find your first OCR World Championships? I was not expecting it to be that difficult. There was just so many obstacles that it seemed like it would never end. It was unlike any other race I have

Hindsight is 20/20 – OCR World Champs: Age or Pro?

OCR world champs comes around once a year, and every year a set of South Africans go across to compete. Now competing in World Championships in itself is an awesome honour and experience, but you’re not only competing in the World Championships,

The word that athletes fear most: INJURY

Recovery is not a smooth process. It’s more like riding the Anaconda at Gold Reef City even though you’re scared of heights, and the person next to you regurgitates their lunch on your lap… It’s one heck of a ride

The current state of OCR in South Africa

After having the awesome opportunity to have a quick chat to our international visitors at Warrior #4 and get their thoughts on our local racing both on and off camera, I feel like I have a slightly more solidified view

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