IMPI Warriors at the Van Gaalen Kaasmakerij 

Adventure seekers faced their fears in emphatic style at the IMPI Challenge #2 at the Van Gaalen Kaasmakerij (North West Province) on Saturday 02 November 2019!

A trail run with a twist, IMPI Warriors could choose between four categories when entering the IMPI Challenge:1. IMPI Corporate, 2. IMPI Challenge, 3. IMPI Dash and 4. IMPI Mini.

The IMPI “Competitive” Challenge men’s and women’s race was won by Andrew Leeburn (Kensington, Johannesburg) and Danel Du Plessis (Potchefstroom) respectively.

“I’ve done the IMPI Challenge the last couple of years.I also know this particular trail route at Van Gaalen, so I was excited to give it abash,” says Leeburn.“My goal was to go out, race hard and enjoy it.I found myself out in front, having to set the pace, which is not a usual position for me in a race.I like to follow and then put pressure on the front runners.Setting the pace was difficult.I raced hard in front and used every opportunity that I got especially the running legs just to try and set a distance between me and the guys chasing me down.The long trench going through the mud was my favourite obstacle.It was taxing and fun.It’s a great feeling to finish first.”Leeburn completed the +-10km course that featured +-18 obstacles in a time of 01 hour 05 minutes 44 seconds.Johan Boonzaier came in 2nd, while Glenn Gordon finished 3rd.

According to du Plessis, she only started taking part in obstacle course races a few months ago.“I just went out to see what I could do,” says du Plessis.“I started with a fellow athlete from DC Tigers.When I got my rhythm I decided to push it.After each obstacle I started to enjoy it more and went all out.Finishing first gave me that extra boost and proved that I am capable and can do it again in the future.I’d definitely recommend this event to other athletes.It challenges you as a person.”Du Plessis completed the IMPI Competitive Challenge in a time of 01 hour 15 minutes 36 seconds.Cindy Wills came in 2nd, while Welmari Cousins finished 3rd.

John van der Berg (Klerksdorp) completed the IMPI “Competitive” Dash’s +-5km route with +-11 obstacles in a time of

49 minutes 03 seconds. David Jansen came in 2nd, while Edward Mostert finished 3rd.

According to van der Berg, he entered the IMPI Dash because he wanted to have a fun day out with his daughter.“It was our first one, so we just wanted to take part and enjoy it. We love the running, so the obstacles were something new for us.I loved the Lily Pads. It’s something that I’ve never done before. I quite enjoyed that. The IMPI Challenge is a whole lot of fun to enjoy with family or friends. It’s a great day out.”

The IMPI “Competitive” Dash Women’s Race was won by Angela Nucci. Sara Vita-Jansen came in 2nd, while Ashley Turner finished 3rd.

NEXT UP: IMPI Challenge #3

Date: Saturday, 23 November 2019
Venue: The Purple Windmill, Stellenbosch (Western Cape)

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