MiWayLife teams up with the IMPI Challenge

The organisers of the IMPI Challenge are excited to welcome MiWayLife as a partner of the last two events of 2019, the IMPI Challenge #2 that will take place at Van Gaalen Kaasmakerij (North West Province) on Saturday, 02 November 2019 and the IMPI Challenge #3 that will take place at Wiesenhof Wildlife Park, Stellenbosch (Western Cape) on Saturday, 23 November 2019.


“We are proud to welcome MiWayLife as a partner of the IMPI Challenge in 2019,” says Pieter du Plessis, IMPI Challenge Race Director.  “The MiWaylife values of Freedom, Attitude, Energy, Professionalism and Accountability are all attributes that the IMPI Challenge can relate to.  The freedom felt when you take part in the IMPI Challenge is unsurpassed.  Whether or not you’ll overcome an obstacle depends on your attitude, while energy levels are sure to increase with the natural high that is felt just by being outdoors with family and friends, we all remain accountable for the lifestyles that we choose and finally, we try and deliver a truly professional experience for athletes.  Join the IMPI Challenge lifestyle.  Get up off of the couch or from behind that laptop/TV and enjoy a day in the outdoors filled with laughter, challenges and accomplishments.  Become an IMPI Warrior.”


Founded in 2015, MiWayLife’s reimagined product offerings ensure that all South Africans enjoy the financial security that they need.   


According to Craig Baker, CEO MiWayLife, the IMPI Challenge’s ethos ‘conquer your fears’ resonates with MiWayLife.  “The fear of the unknown is something that MiWayLife focuses on daily,” says Baker.  “We curb that fear by offering a means of financial security.  The focus of team sport, team spirit and working together to achieve a goal is also one of our core values as a company.  Our goal is to promote health and wellness in every aspect of life, and this team orientated event resonates with all the different facets associated with our brand.”


“As the adage goes, ‘knowledge is power’ and we want to educate our market on the smart benefits of life insurance and help them to live better lives,” continues Baker.  “Having a life insurance policy is not only about covering your loved ones and giving you peace of mind. It also comes with benefits that you can use while you are still living, which are known as living benefits or accelerated benefits.  To prove just how serious we are about this matter, for every person that obtains an obligation free quote from MiWayLife we will pay R200 towards their IMPI Challenge entry fee.  We are excited to team up with the IMPI Challenge and cannot wait to see entrants overcome their fears both with IMPI and MiWayLife.”


How to obtain an obligation free quote from MiWayLife:


  1. CLICK on the link: https://www.miwaylife.co.za/miwaylife-competitions/get-your-impi-challenge-discount-now/
  2. Once the quote has been received, you will be allocated a voucher code to redeem the R200 when entering the IMPI Challenge via the event website.




Date: IMPI Challenge: Venues:
1.     Saturday, 02 November 2019 IMPI Challenge #2 Van Gaalen Kaasmakerij (North West Province)
2.     Saturday, 23 November 2019 IMPI Challenge #3 Wiesenhof Wildlife Park, Stellenbosch (Western Cape)


There are four categories to choose from when entering the IMPI Challenge:


Categories: Entry Fee:
1.     IMPI Corporate: the 10km Challenge distance with extra benefits (age 16+ years) R800.00
2.     IMPI Challenge:  10km with +-18 obstacles (age 18+ years) R400.00
3.     IMPI Dash:  5km with +-11 obstacles (ages 10+, all adults welcome) R300.00
4.     IMPI Mini (between 08:30 – 12:00):  1km with +-8 smaller supervised obstacles (ages 6 – 10 years) R100.00


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For more information on the IMPI Challenge email info@impichallenge.co.za



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