Warrior – The Ultimate African Experience

The Warrior Race is the ‘’truly South African and authentic’’ event, which co-owner of Warrior company Fritz Pienaar describes as the spectacle that lands smiles on the faces of those taking part and all those in the wider involvement.

Warrior company owns Toyota Warrior Race Series, and it was Fritz’s colleague at the time, Pieter Swart, who single-handedly started Warrior in 2013.

Seen above, Fritz Pienaar and Hennie Scheepers

“There was an amazing response to the idea, so the initial event sold out,” said Fritz.

An events’ company was soon needed to cope with the size of it, so in came Fritz, and in 2015 his partner and him bought-out all the shares to The Warrior Company, thus taking control of the event.

“Obstacle Course Racing stands for many good values that can be applied to real life. It teaches determination and teamwork, and encourages participants to overcome obstacles.”

Fritz says the Warrior obstacle designs are unique, and uses local labour and local materials, and this differs from the generic franchise brands.

“My favourite obstacle to watch is Breaking Point and Mud Monster, but my favourite obstacle to do is the Tower of Rage.

Fritz hopes that the SA OCR Series will grow the sport as a whole, and get more people to accept OCR as their sport of choice, to give the sport a long and healthy future.

“It is the most fun way to exercise, so just give it a try. It is also great for team building and group activities, that will build bonds like no other event.”

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