Doing OCR with heart

A broad smile touches the faces of Trish and Claude Eksteen when they describe the organic growth of their Adventure Obstacle Training facility in Durban North, KZN.

Both with a solid love for sport between them; particularly trail running and triathlon for Claude, they created this obstacle facility four years ago.

They’ve always stood firmly by their business model; a business that is run with love and heart.

“You have to have a love for this, you want to have a love for changing people’s lives for the better,” said Trish.

They’re familiar faces in the OCR scene in their own region, often rocking up to races with an army of their wider AOT family.

On a daily basis, Trish and Claude see and assist a wide range of people with their sporting goals. This ranges from mentoring and coaching clients who want to conquer a monkey bar, to those who are aiming for Obstacle Course Racing World Champs.

Sessions are busy, and often it’s the elites helping the rookies. This system works well.

“Anyone who comes here, they have fun, it brings out the child within,” said Trish.

AOT membership grows mainly through referrals, and Trish and Claude say the more their facility grows, the more the sport grows, and the more they grow as people.

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