In OCR, everyone is a winner – GI Joe

It’s the ultimate story of the best of physiques joining force; fit humans and wildlife.
When athletes turn up to Tikwe Lodge in the Free State for a GI Joe Extreme Adventure race, they are looking forward to the wildlife sightings and fantastic scenery as much as they are the obstacles and race environment.
Werner Stoltz, now acting General Manager and Head Coordinator of GI Joe, began his involvement in this event in 2012 when his lodge venue started hosting it. He soon saw an opportunity to get more involved in the event; subsequently partnering with the previous owners and then taking on the whole operation.
“I simply admire the sport and all the hard work that the athletes put in every day to make sure they are mentally and physically fit come race day.”
Werner said they are always pushing the athletes with new challenges or something a bit different.
“That’s what makes GI Joe special,” he said, naming the Skyfall and Zip Line as his two favourite obstacles.
The family or group of friends aspect of this sport is a real stand out; finishing a race together and always showing respect towards one another.
“No matter what their position, I always see someone stop and lend a helping hand.”
In the Free State, they believe OCR is quickly becoming one of the most enjoyable, toughest and most recognisable sports in the country.
Werner said the implementation of an Series will certainly get people to travel and take part in all the different types of races around South Africa.
“I can’t begin to explain how excited I am to about GI Joe being part of this new SA OCR Series… To anyone wanting to give OCR a go, you can never go wrong; whether you want to compete or just do it for fun, it’s the kind of sport that makes everyone a winner.”

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