Venue Review:

Cost: Monthly membership – R450

          Self-training day pass – R50 or R75

Facilities on offer: Obstacle training structures, trail running trails, functional training equipment and tires.

Obstacle variety: Hand grips, swings, climbs, pull-ups, hangs and running. 

Access to running: Yes, about 1.5km – 2km

Open Hours: Monday to Friday: 5:30 am – 11:00 am; 3 pm – 6:30 am.

Saturdays: 6:00 am – 1 pm

What we asked the owner:

What’s your idea behind Obstacle course training as opposed to other means of training?

Obstacle course training provides opportunities to train and develop the whole body, activating the different energy systems, muscle fibers, and body parts. This leads to the development and strengthening of the whole body and not just certain parts of the body.

Obstacle course training also leads to people being more engaged in their training because it provides a wide variety of exercises, it’s fun and exciting, and it brings a new level of motivation and dedication to each person. So people tend to train more often and stay active for longer period of time.

Do you think its a lasting business in SA?

Yes. People are looking for fun and exciting ways to stay active and lead a healthy life. OCT provides this to people. With the wide variety of structures and exercises people can do, OCT will always engage people and keep them motivated. Add the fact that one mostly trains outside in the fresh air, and it will almost certainly give you a winning and lasting formula.

What does the future of the sport hold?

International series tour events, full-time professional athletes, massive sponsorships and TV coverage and the Olympic Games. The sport will keep attracting large numbers of athletes and spectators because it’s so fun and exciting, it holds so many training and health benefits and most people can do it. With this level of interest and financial incentive, I see no other path for this sport, but all the way to the top.

How long has your Obstacle course been open to the public?

It’s a brand new facility and we opened on the 29th of September.

What type of people does your venue cater for?

Our main client group will be people between the ages of 15 and 45 that wants to train, have fun and lead a healthier lifestyle. They participate in adventure sports, but are social athletes and enjoy participating rather than performance.

We then cater for serious athletes that want to improve their performance and compete at a higher level. These clients range from high school athletes still developing their talents to adult athletes participating or wanting to participate at a higher more intense level of competition.

We also cater for corporate businesses looking to improve employee morale and motivation, focussing on teamwork and problem-solving.

What distances can you run from your venue and on what type of terrain?

We will have 1.5 km – 2 km of running trails inside the venue, but we will also run outside the venue in the Centurion area. The terrain inside the venue is flat, single gravel tracks.

Any unique obstacles hosted at your venue?

Our obstacles are similar to those at the Warrior, Beast and Impi challenges, but we have an obstacle that will be the major focal point of our obstacles. This obstacle is 12 meters long with 7 different types of hand holds.

We will have a competition running each month to see who can finish this obstacle in the fastest time or get the furthest. The total distance for completing the challenge is 36 meters and includes 12 handholds.

Do you offer personalised training or personal trainers?

Yes, we offer personal training. We also offer group training two times a day which includes high-intensity interval training, functional training, body-weight training, and obstacle course training.

Contact Person: Theunis Grobler – 062 202 3978 –

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