Carla van Huyssteen: Worlds Toughest Mudder 2018 Recap

Soooo the last 24 hours was very interesting to say the least.

The long and short of it was that we are super proud of Louis Smit and Thomas van Tonder who out did themselves in super Tough condition by completing 10 laps about 50 miles + of the Toughest Mudder World Champs.

Trevor Lagerwey and myself had a good time, we where in great spirits but our longtime injuries as well as a few new ones, came to haunt us as the temperatures dropped to minus degrees, the mud and wet just slowed us to the point of hypothermia (or me rather) and moving forward was just not an option any more.

We tried to dry out, heat up and rest out a bit but basically just got to the point where continuing on was silly and would cause more longterm damage than it already had. Our racing kit where frozen stiff by the time we could try convince ourselves otherwise as the temps had dropped below freezing point and we just had to let it go…VERRRYYY tough for both Trevor and myself!

That saying, we had a blast! I have not laughed so much in such terrible conditions in 24 hours , on and off course, in a long time. Trev and I managed to step into the roles of “pit crew” for Louis and Thomas, and help them secure their 50 miler status.

All in all, we learnt so much, can give a 10 pointer of how NOT to do a Toughest Mudder race and now know more about how to prepare for icy cold, muddy, 24hour racing than before.

Trev, thanx for being a great team mate the last 24 hours and for keeping it real…

Thomas and Louis, wow congrats guys, you guys showed massive grit and determination!!!!

Small personal victories:
– having a blast and laughing for 8 hours+ /5 laps with my teammates
– being the ONLY girl in the field to complete The Gauntlet obstacle 💪🏻👍🏻
-being positive even though it did not work out for me.
– being a team player and supporting the other guys in their goals

All in all, I’m slightly broken, as well as the rest of us, but we come away from this race with more experience, and that’s all we can ask for this time around!



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