Race Report: Armin Botha – Tough Mudder

Walking to the race village was spine-chilling. Such an incredible vibe. DJ’s pump music while fireballs shoot out behind them from a Mad Max contraption. The MC got everyone psyched up in German and like a trained army the masses jump and dance and sing in unison. The 19km took place on the Air Force Base and planes regularly passed overhead. The race featured a lot of crawls (mostly through mud pits) and even more overs, in short succession. The course was flat and fast. I took it out hard from the start and focused on keeping a good rhythm. About 3km in the sand started. Like Blythedale Warrior, loose and heavy on the legs. This separated the field somewhat. Rope traverse, different variations of monkey bars and a couple of walls. My favourite obstacle had to be the Flyer (long water slide) and the Executioner (a platform that gives way into muddy water once you step past a certain point). I kept on pushing the pace on the flats and tried to get through the obstacles as quickly as possible. The marshals all gave instructions in German which left something to the imagination. The last km featured an ice dip, live wire crawl and a big warped wall before entering the main arena where participants were already chugging a beer, chanting and cheering in true German fashion. The course definitely catered for runners and with few heavy carries it played in my favour and I could scoop up the win.

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