Race Report: Stefan Lotter – Warrior #2

Whenever there’s a big event in your hometown you feel responsible to be at your best.

This is what all the excitement of having Warrior in Bloemfontein for the first time ever this weekend had come to – to give one’s best. I’ve always had to travel in order to do a Warrior Race, and I enjoyed it to be able to have a good night’s rest in my own bed the night before the race. Hope to experience that again in the future…

Attending a Warrior Race at a venue you have always spent weekends chilling and camping (Mazelspoort), one wonders what you could expect from a Black-Ops Elite (BOE) race – not like there is ever a lot of chilling in this category J. You hope that knowing which slide is the faster one and which hill is the steepest will give you an edge. But Warrior has a way of pulling the rug from under you. Especially when they decide the night before the race to change the course a bit due to rainfall.

Doing a lap race in OCR was a first for me, although I did favour the somewhat shorter distance and increase the number of obstacles. On the one hand, you get to learn what is yet to come (again), which helps you be prepared mentally throughout the course. The flipside is also that you know what’s coming, so there are certain things you don’t look forward to repeating (like truck and trailer). And some obstacles you had to repeat three times throughout. I guess you always win some and lose some in OCR. But that’s good because it keeps you guessing and as such it keeps you sharp.

But in the end, it all went well – better than expected. As it was my first race of the year, I did not expect much more than to simply finish with somewhat of a good time. Coming back from tendonitis in the knee and not having done any real running for more than a month, I could feel the lungs and legs suffer a bit. Thank God though, the knee was fine. Crossing the finish line, I managed to end in my best position for a long time now and was also grateful to have just come in under the two-hour margin.

A huge thank you to friends and family who supported, especially my wife who had to have clean clothes and shoes ready at the finish line.

A shout out also to all our C4 Fitness members who completed their first Warrior Race or were willing to work as marshals at various obstacles. You’ve all proven to #BeMore. Lastly, but not least, thank you to A21 South Africa for being willing to partner with me. I am happy to support you guys and trust that through the platform of OCR we will generate even more awareness for the global issue of human trafficking, helping to #AbolishSlaveryEverywhereForever

Hope to have Warrior back in Bloem again next year!

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