Race Report: Stefan Lotter – Warrior 8

Day of Days: Black-Ops Elite

Without a doubt, this was the most fun I had at a Warrior Race to date!

Since not being at Meerendal in October, this was the first time I got to experience the sprint race as a part of the BOE on Sunday. Having friends and supporters so close to the action really ignites a spark in one’s competitive spirit. With the distance covered, and amount of obstacles spread over it, you can often times start feeling lonely on the BOE course. But not this time though.

The fact that so many of the last few obstacles (Rope Monkey, Breaking Point, Iron Rig, Avalanche, etc) were so close to the spectator’s route near the end, and also so nicely placed out next to each other, was absolutely exhilarating. It also felt especially well planned out that these obstacles were exactly where you needed spectators and supporters to be – at the beginning and the end.
(Would have been great though to have the Truck n Tire closer to some supporters too 😉 )

The race also felt well balanced between running (although not too difficult), bodyweight challenges and carries. This probably gave everyone a chance to play to their strengths and challenge their lesser skill set. Something which allowed the best-balanced athletes to earn higher positions on the day.

I am already looking forward to returning to Warrior #1 in 2018 and making it 8/8 events. Congrats to those guys and gals on the podiums (Hanneke, Sabrina, Trish, Trevor, Thomas, Claude) – especially those who made a comeback after being out for long! Hats off to all who finished strong at this finale of 2017 and thank God for His grace and mercy that allowed all of us to compete.

To all a blessed festive (and off) season.

Stefan Lotter


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