SA at OCR World Champs – Results

Please note that these results are both unofficial and will be getting updated as we get more results in.
If you see that there is someone that isn’t on the list, please message us on facebook so that we can update the list.

You can view OCR WC’s Full Finishers list here.

NameAgeGenderTimeAge GroupOverallCategory
🇳🇴Jonathan Albon28M1:33:48.511PRO
🇨🇦Ryan Atkins30M1:37:30.322PRO
🇺🇸Ryan Woods38M1:40:40.933PRO
🇿🇦Claude Eksteen40M1:46:43.099PRO
🇿🇦Thomas van Tonder25M1:46:52.31010PRO
🇿🇦Greg Avierinos23M1:48:46.918AGE
🇿🇦Bradley Claase29M1:54:45.73030PRO
🇿🇦Michael Joubert25M1:59:08.91026AGE
🇨🇦Lindsay Webster28F2:01:43.011PRO
🇿🇦Tom Basson35M2:07:20.9242AGE
🇺🇸Nicole Mericle29F2:09:33.022PRO
🇿🇦James Meredith33M2:09:56.16060PRO
🇸🇪Karin Karlsson27F2:14:58.333PRO
🇿🇦Thomas Liebenberg35M2:20:34.316107AGE
🇿🇦Trish Eksteen39F2:26:47.988PRO
🇿🇦Wian Smit20M2:28:44.631154AGE
🇿🇦Wynand Louw26M2:30:30.044158AGE
🇿🇦West Hendriks33M2:37:22.947207AGE
🇿🇦Michelle Meyer24F2:39:01.1410AGE
🇿🇦Cindy Wills36F2:58:35.5633AGE
🇿🇦Dylan van Tonder15M2:4247.820282AGE
🇿🇦Mandie Landsberg34F3:03:33.366AGE
🇿🇦Dewald van Wyk37M3:08:13.277395AGE
🇿🇦Ricardo Rebelo19M3:08:41.263503AGE

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