Warrior Short Course Explained

You may have seen the videos and photos posted on Warrior about the new short course that’s going to be launched at Warrior #8 on the 18th and 19th of November. You might have some questions about the pre-launch and the course itself. Well, here are your answers.

The course is 600m long, basically a sprint, in terms of OCR.  There are 10 fairly easy but intensive obstacles that need to all be completed for you to finish the round. Each round will be timed, and those with the fastest time will race against each other for a prize. The course is completely separated from the Warrior course, with different obstacles and a different route, so no one who does the short course will have an advantage over anyone during the Rookie, Commando or Black Ops Elite.


This event will take place on both Saturday and Sunday of the Warrior Weekend, and there will be a prizegiving on each day for the fastest time of the day.


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