Honest Shoe Review: Inov-8 X-Talon 200 (5.5/10)

By Egor Oussov

I used this pair for only Obstacle Racing events (4 Warrior races) and these are my experiences:

* Impressive grip on all surfaces
* Super lightweight and flexible, only 200g
* Breathable forefoot mesh, excellent for quick drying feature after going through water
* Excellent aggressive, thin sole makes you feel the ground you are running on, up to a single grain of sand. Excellent for the racing shoes.
* Helps your forefoot to spread on impact and allows for runners with broader feet to feel comfortable.

* The Talon 200 lacing system is rubbish as even triple knot doesn’t guarantee that it won’t come loose during the race
* Durability is one of the worst ever experienced after doing about 70 km my upper mesh started to rip (see the picture)


In conclusion, these shoes are excellent for technical terrain/racing and as recommended by ino8, OCR racing events. If you train in any other brand, they feel extra light as it is around a half of the weight of an average train running shoe.

Unfortunately, some issues are only of a minor concern, i.e. shoelaces issue can be fixed by getting your old trail running shoe laces and replacing slippery, but still unacceptable for R&D team allowing this in such a competitive market. But the last concern which is a deal breaker for me is the durability of the shoe, as this shoe will hopefully last 2 more races and then it becomes dustbin material, so if these shoes will last 6 Warrior races then it cost around R220 per Warrior race until the shoe falls apart. And after speaking and seeing all other OCR races shoes, the same problem prevails.
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