Jokes Aside (Pretoria)

Cost: R75 for a Day pass, R400 for a monthly membership

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday 6:00-6:00, Saturday 6:00-10:00

Obstacle Variety: Ranges from tough upper body obstacles on the rig to a slackline for balance and core to strength training on the oval where you can do stuff like tire drags/ flips, atlas carry, gum pole carry or anything really along a 160m track. Our 1k trail run can definitely be seen as an obstacle on its own!

Access to Running: We have a 1km trail running loop with about 70m elevation gain per lap. There is also secure running in the estate if you more interested in hitting the tar for some intervals…

Unique Obstacle: The unique aspect to the gym is the 20 odd meter Rig with multiple obstacle options available, the close proximity of the technical trail run is also a great bonus.

How long has it been open to the public: We’ve been open since the April 2016

Personal Trainers: Greg Avierinos is our onsite personal trainer and we think he’s fit to do the job with two consecutive 2nd places at OCR world championships in 2015 and 2016.

Other Facilities:

  • We also have a fairly normal gym set up under an outdoor gazebo with a variety of weights, resistance bands, a bench, pull-ups bar and rowing machine and spinning bike for those wanting to do some extra cardio.
  • Toilets

What we asked the Owner…

What’s your idea behind Obstacle course training as opposed to other means of training?

OCR is a unique sport as it changes the repetition found in various other more “normal” sports into something more dynamic and challenging. There are so many different ways to train that its hard to get bored!! Warning, It’s not for the faint-hearted! Make sure you ready to be sore the next day!

Do you think it’s a lasting business in SA?

Most defiantly! It’s growing exponentially in South Africa and the rest of the World, with Spartan already pushing to get it into the Olympics overseas. With people looking to make changes and live healthier lifestyles changing up their training and making it more functional should be their first step!

What does the future of the sport hold?

There is a large desire for adventure and adrenalin countrywide. With OCR, we find that people are more inspired to become increasingly active and involved. The amount of people wanting to participate in the sport is bound to grow in the next few years and with it being so big internationally we sure South Africa will follow suit!

What type of people does your venue cater for?

People wanting to better their personal fitness and become more competitive in the domestic and international sporting fields. The venue is also perfect for people entering the sport and just trying to become fit and healthy. We will turn worriers into Warriors!!

Contact Person: Greg Avierinos – 071 908 3541 –

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