Adventure Obstacle Training

Cost: R120 per once-off session, R400 for the BRONZE (4 session package), R760 for the SILVER (8 session package), R1080 for the GOLD (12 session package)

Operating Hours: Mondays 5am-7:30am, Wednesdays and Fridays: 5am to 5:30pm

Obstacle Variety: 

From beginner obstacles to stuff that will really challenge Elite athletes like Trish Bahlmann (who trains there)

Access to Running: 

We are based at a school so all running is off-road (on grass). Distances vary as you can do a number of laps in and around the school premises.

Unique Obstacle: 

We have a 5m rope climb, a 4m high cargo net as well as poles, balls and chains to climb and swing on.

How long has it been open to public: Opened June 2015

Personal Trainers: 

We do group sessions that are controlled and run by Claude Eksteen and Trish Bahlmann (Warrior 1 2016 Black Ops Elite Women second place).

Other Facilities:

  • Change rooms with shower facilities.

What we asked the Owner…

What’s your idea behind Obstacle Course Training as opposed to other means of training?

People are looking for a new means to get fit and healthy, and are tired of being indoors at gyms. People are looking for more variety to stay fit and healthy. Our training sessions are all outdoors and we do not use any conventional weights. We make use of specially made and designed sand bags for our exercises and running, as well as tyres for dragging. Our sessions are 50%/50% running to strength based. Every session is unique and different to the next.

Do you think it’s a lasting business in SA?

We believe that the sport will have very good longevity and that it is definitely sustainable as a business.

What does the future of the sport hold?

The future of the sport is looking extremely healthy with participation at the events increasing year by year. Sponsors are now taking note and are seeing the value of being involved in these events and the sport of OCR. The level on the elite side is growing rapidly and we are seeing more and more athletes starting to train specifically for OCR.

What type of people does your venue cater for?

We cater for anyone who is looking to get fit, challenge themselves and just have a blast while “playing” outdoors. We have from top national runners to your “average” person just wanting to lose weight and get fit coming to the training grounds. We cater for any fitness level and fitness type.

Contact Person: Claude Eksteen – 0845826265 – 0835665578 –

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