Reebok All-Terrain Shoe Review

I’m a hardcore girlie girl with a keen eye for fashion (who also loves to push boundaries and get dirty!), so it wasn’t exactly the technology of the Reebok All Terrain that caught my attention, but more the ‘rugged prettiness’ of the shoe.

The All-Terrain is a very lightweight, minimalist shoe that is snug in the right places with just enough room in the toe box for me to feel what I’m gripping on. There are three things that stand out for me with this particular range which makes it my shoe of choice:

1. The built in drainage holes which expel water almost immediately. As an OCR racer, you are constantly in and out of water, and these shoes literally drain within seconds, which for me was brilliant when I raced at the 2015 OCR World Champs in zero degrees. I couldn’t think of anything worse than running with cold, heavy wet shoes and ‘frozen toes’.

2. The canvas durability of the overall shell and outside protection of the shoe makes it hard wearing on rough rocky terrain. These shoes are so strong and durable that I can compete for an entire season using the same pair of shoes. Again, this allows the shoe to shed water almost immediately, keeping the shoe light too. I also find that my feet stay cool when the rest of my body is dripping with perspiration because of the breathability.

3. The lugs are well spaced and the underside of the shoe almost has a rough feel to it as if there are hundreds of tiny little grips on the surface, allowing for maximum mud shedding, but also giving great traction and gripping platform on loose sand. Combined with a low drop and ‘racing flat’ profile, this shoe allows for optimal ankle stability on rough terrain. So much so that I not only use this particular shoe for OCR races but for trail running races as well.

The shoe is so clearly detailed and geared towards OCR racing that it has rubber grips on the tips of the shoe and small rubber protuberance that wrap slightly around the lower side of the arch. What this unique design of the shoe means, is that I can grip onto obstacles with very little effort from my side, leaving me to focus on the obstacles ahead without worrying that my feet will slip and slide.

The Reebok All-Terrain is my shoe of choice. Why? It allows me to tackle any terrain and obstacle not only in comfort but with optimal support and certainly helped me do the job at the 2015 OCR World Champs.


jetaime SA OCR

Showing us her muscles and fashion sense at the same time!

Jet’aime Ribbink is a South African OCR racer and champ from Durban. Her achievements to date are:

2015 OCR Ladies 35-39 World Champion
Bear Gryll UK – 3rd
Warrior Dash World Champs – 16th
2014 OCR World Team – 6th
4 X Warrior Black Ops Elite Ladies Winner
6 x Ladies Elite Turbo Vite Jump City Winner
2013 IFBB Fitness Bikini World Team

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