Cost: R100 for full day access to all use of obstacles, gym equipment and access to classes. Monthly memberships are also available.

Operating hours: Mon-Fri (5.30am-8pm) and Sat (8-11am)

Obstacle variety: The basic obstacles needed to prepare for OCR as well as creative ways to challenge yourself on the obstacles when you need to up the difficulty.

Access to Running: Out the back of the gym there is a farm track that you can use run about 4kms. But most of the time we run out the front on to the road, and then the world is your oyster. With our classes we won’t go more than 2km within a workout on the road. There is also a 2km steep hill right in front of the gym, which makes for perfect hill repeats and sprint session as well as a 300m hill behind the facility that we use for ball carries and sprints. These are usually incorporated into the workouts.

Unique Obstacle: Tarzan Ropes

How long has it been open to the public: 2 years

Personal Trainers: 4 Personal trainers available

Other Facilities:

  • Climbing Ropes
  • Treadmils
  • Spinning bikes
  • Rowing Machines
  • Pilates and dance studio
  • Change room with nice big showers
  • Free Weights
  • Sleds
  • Big ass tires!

What we asked the Owner…

Whats your idea behind Obstacle course training as opposed to other means of training?

– We wanted to be versatile and incorporate a unique form of training into our facility. OCR was something different and yet exciting and fun for people. We have 400 sqm of synthetic lawn outside our facility that is designed for OC training and it doubles back as a bootcamp venue for those classes. Plus I love OCR and I needed to train 😉

Do you think its a lasting business in SA?

– There is definitely a growing market for this type of training as it is fun but yet gives you a good balance workout. 

What does the future of the sport hold?

– I hope only good things. It is a massively growing sport internationally and I feel it is only going to grow more in SA.

What type of people does your venue cater for?

– All shapes and sizes and fitness levels. Dominique Doliveira trains here and she came 2nd at world champs. So we have some quality athletes as well as some average Joe’s, so it is a great variety.

Contact Person: Trevor Lagerwey – 021 982 5863 –

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