My approach to the OCR racing season after the holidays.

First of all,  the 2015 season was hectic and the Christmas holiday rest-period was much needed to recover, refresh and spend some time with friends and family.

After all the rest, eating what you want and sleeping late, the training for 2016 OCR racing begins. After I’d had a look at the 2016 race calendar, I did the obvious… Started to build a base. What kind of base, you might ask? A fitness base for my training schedule, obviously.

Here are a few guidelines to what a base should look like: Kilometers on the legs, and loads of them. Basic strength conditioning and grip strength. In short, high volume and low intensity training. This should be your MO for 5 weeks or so.

If you are satisfied with your grip strength and running base, your first target race should be around the corner, hopefully a few weeks out. The next step is now to swap things around: low volume and high intensity. That means things like speed work, hills, and weighted obstacles for a few weeks.

One to two weeks before the race is due is the stage to relax and recover. You should be ready to smash your race! The base system with high volume and low intensity, then low volume but high intensity, and then resting, is my approach to getting ready for my target obstacle course races in 2016, and I am sure it would work for you too!

Looking forward to racing soon.
Louis J Smit

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