OCT South (Johannesburg)

Cost: R150 will pay for: 3 x training sessions with a personal trainer, 3 x Trail Running 1 x fitness assessment. Or 50 pp evening classes on the course on Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursday evenings. 

Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 5.30am-6pm, Saturdays 6am to 5pm, Sundays 6am to 3pm. 

Obstacle Variety: OCT was started to offer an outdoor training facility for OCR athletes. It caters for young, old, fat, thin, novice, experienced and anyone wanting to train and get fit outdoors.

Access to Running: 25km of trail running proper trail running at Thaba Trails.

Unique Obstacle: The Nemesis (consisting of 4 x obstacles in one) is their signature obstacle which is the toughest obstacle as part of their OCR course.

How long has it been open to public: Opened January 16, 2016

Personal Trainers: Two Personal trainers are available at an extra cost.

Other Facilities:

  • Dedicated kids obstacle course;
  • Toilets;
  • 3 x separate showers for Men’s and Ladies;
  • Tuck shop available and meals can be ordered and delivered from Two Trees Bakery for people wanting “real food”.
  • CrossFit and Soft Play coming soon…

What we asked the Owner…

What’s your idea behind Obstacle course training as opposed to other means of training?

You have to understand what your body can do and what your weaknesses are so you will definitely know the effects of this training afterwards. This kind of training tests your endurance, strength, quickness, stability and intellect. The difference in this kind of training to me is not only about been physically fit but most importantly emotionally and mentally. Let’s face it.. we are all facing obstacles in our day to day lives. The purpose of this kind of training prepares you not only to race but to overcome any obstacles that stand in our way.. How do I get over this wall? Is exactly the same as how do I overcome this personal problem? We do find a way over, around or through it and this I believe is why I find this training to be vital for anybody wanting to overcome personal, mental and physical skills.

Do you think its a lasting business in SA?

Most definitely yes. OCR was rated the fasted growing sport in the world in 2015, although I feel it has been under recognised in SA for some time now and that people need to be made more aware of it as it is truly a life changing experience. Our duty as an obstacle course training facility is to do just that. By getting more people involved, by getting kids involved NOW we can grow SA OCR into an empire.

What does the future of the sport hold?

Hopefully OCR will be recognised more worldwide and eventually become an Olympic sport. If we focus our efforts on younger athletes at school level this will promote the sport and build the next generation of OCR athletes. South African athletes will be a force to reckon with in World championships. By all of us standing together and driving OCR in SA this alone will be a major factor in the growth of the sport.

What type of people does your venue cater for?

 We at OCT South cater for all fitness levels (beginners, intermediate and elite athletes) We have a dedicated kids section (4yrs to 11yrs) We also offer morning classes, mid-day and evening classed on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for all age groups. We have access to trail running of up to 25km of technical trails. Our oldest client been 72yrs old we find it very hard to hear any other excuse J. Security training has been offered that can only benefit the security sector. Team building and Birthday party events are very popular at our facility.

Contact Person: Rudi Shaun Delport – 076 883 7564 – info@octsouth.co.za

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