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GAUTENG, MIDRAND, 30 JANUARY 2018 – Attracting close to three thousand athletes, and a couple thousand onlookers, the 2018 season opener of the hugely popular obstacle course racing (OCR) series, the Toyota WARRIOR Series, powered by Reebok, was off to

Strength and Speed

Strength and speed have published their book “Guide to Elite Obstacle Course Racing” for all things Elite racing, including diet and supplements, rest and recovery, and different training courses. Who all would be interested in having a copy of one

I don’t do Sheeple!

Dan Martland van Hemert is a veteran obstacle course racer and a legend in the OCR world.He is known for his determination to try everything the hard way and also for his very friendly spirit. Here is his story. I

Who is WarriorRic and what’s “Right Here” about?

Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) represents a unique opportunity for me as a Speaker, MC and Facilitator. My work is centered around inspiring, motivating and transforming individuals and companies in order to align vision and values for shared success. Obstacles can

From 114kg to OCR trainer: Rudi Delport’s story

SA OCR decided to have a little chat with Rudi Delport, the owner of OCT South, an OCR training facility in Johannesburg South. His story blew us away! SA OCR: Let’s start at the beginning, Rudi. Tell me about yourself

The Beast #3 from a Newbie’s Viewpoint

beast 2016

This weekend I did my first obstacle course race: The Beast Challenge. I’m studying to be a journalist and writing for the SA OCR page, so my boss decided to give me some first-hand experience of the sport by prodding

Warrior Race #1 Recap!

warrior 1 jaco louwrens

So what makes a Warrior Race so attractive that grown men and women will pay for the privilege of wallowing through mud, muck, and who knows what else? Clearly something drew over 7000 people to participate in this year’s first


Cost: R100 for full day access to all use of obstacles, gym equipment and access to classes. Monthly memberships are also available. Operating hours: Mon-Fri (5.30am-8pm) and Sat (8-11am) Obstacle variety: The basic obstacles needed to prepare for OCR as well

BattleRush Scramble!

The atmosphere on the BR Scramble at Jozi X was electric with anticipation as the first BattleRush event of 2016 kicked off yesterday. Pretoria and Johannesburg are finally getting rain and it’s coming almost every night, making Obstacle Course Racing even

My approach to the OCR racing season after the holidays.

First of all,  the 2015 season was hectic and the Christmas holiday rest-period was much needed to recover, refresh and spend some time with friends and family. After all the rest, eating what you want and sleeping late, the training for