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GAUTENG, MIDRAND, 30 JANUARY 2018 – Attracting close to three thousand athletes, and a couple thousand onlookers, the 2018 season opener of the hugely popular obstacle course racing (OCR) series, the Toyota WARRIOR Series, powered by Reebok, was off to

The current state of OCR in South Africa

After having the awesome opportunity to have a quick chat to our international visitors at Warrior #4 and get their thoughts on our local racing both on and off camera, I feel like I have a slightly more solidified view

Strength and Speed

Strength and speed have published their book “Guide to Elite Obstacle Course Racing” for all things Elite racing, including diet and supplements, rest and recovery, and different training courses. Who all would be interested in having a copy of one

Background for choosing the squad and team for OCRWC

In preparation for announcing the SA OCR Squad and team to represent SA at OCRWC we would like to make a few points clear:  The Squad and Team have been selected on their realistic ability to podium at OCRWC. The

Carina Marx: Super athlete who loves super bikes

My OCR path started with my first Rookie (Jeep Warrior Race) two and a half years ago. It was love at first “mud”! All I wanted to do after each race was to get better and better. I admired the

The Beast #3 from a Newbie’s Viewpoint

beast 2016

This weekend I did my first obstacle course race: The Beast Challenge. I’m studying to be a journalist and writing for the SA OCR page, so my boss decided to give me some first-hand experience of the sport by prodding

Why running is an OCR thing as much as lifting

A great way to train for OCR events is to participate in local running events. Running ups your general endurance and fitness as well as making sure that between obstacles you’re still fresh enough to run and keep ahead of

Sport Injuries: The Psychology of Recovery

“Recovering from an injury…AKA stuck inside and secretly hating everyone who is running!” So what’s the big deal about sport injuries? Well let’s be honest, THEY SUCK! Sadly we all get them but how do we go about them and


A look back to happy feet in 2015: #Salomon Before we kick off the new season of OCR in 2016, I think we need a bit of a review on my gear of 2015! Obstacle Course Racing is the fastest growing

OCT South (Johannesburg)

Cost: R150 will pay for: 3 x training sessions with a personal trainer, 3 x Trail Running 1 x fitness assessment. Or 50 pp evening classes on the course on Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursday evenings.  Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 5.30am-6pm, Saturdays 6am