Warrior #3

warrior 3 new

Overall event rating

1. Percentage of individuals that have completed the survey, grouped by their OCR ability:

-Beginners (16.6%)

-Intermediates (66.6%)

-Elites (16.6%)

2. How would you rate the race’s entries/ registration efficiency?

2. How well were the race obstacles built?

3.5 stars

4. Percentage of votes for the favoured discipline in the race:

– Running (0%)

– Strength-related obstacles (33.3%)

– Technical obstacles (0%)

– Evenly Allocated (66.6%)

5. Running difficulty?

6. Strength-related obstacles difficulty?

7. Technical obstacles difficulty?

8. Do you feel this race was good value for money?

3.5 stars

9. Rating of Prizes handed out?

10. Rating of the spectators encouragement and race venue vibe?

11. Top Comments:

My 2nd race and so far the vibe at the venues encourages me to enter as many as I can. The support from strangers during the the race and the motivational speeches from Warrior Ric are really what makes me keep coming back. Love it! ~ Beginner athlete

Was my 1st race and definitely not my last. Did the Commando.. I really thought I was at the top of my fitness level until some obstacles challenged me mentally and physically. Really an eye-opener as to see where I can improve. Next one I will do better 🙂 ~ Intermediate athlete