Overall event rating

1. Percentage of individuals that have completed the survey, grouped by their OCR ability:

-Beginners (25%)

-Intermediates (25%)

-Elites ( 50%)

2. How would you rate the race’s entries/ registration efficiency?

3. How well were the race obstacles built?

4. Percentage of votes for the favoured discipline in the race:

– Running (0%)

– Strength-related obstacles (0%)

– Technical obstacles (0%)

– Evenly Allocated (100%)

5. Running difficulty?

6. Strength-related obstacles difficulty?

7. Technical obstacles difficulty?

8. Do you feel this race was good value for money?

9. Rating of Prizes handed out?

10. Rating of the spectators encouragement and race venue vibe?

11. Top Comments:

Best IMPI to date. Only done 3. A vast improvement from ImpiGP2 at KingsKloof. Superseded Van Galens. Great venue. There was the perfect balance of running, terrain, obstacles, water. An event that should have had the greater SAOCR family attending. Sad that this event was missed by them. Am really stoked for Pieter and his team to have produced this race. This is a place that SA OCR Nationals should be held. ~ Dan van Hemert

Most well balanced Impi to date. Fast trail runners realised it is an obstacle race once the tyres and sand bag carry came into play. Brilliant and well done…5 stars ~ Dewald Van Wyk