Hollard Jura


Overall event rating

1. Percentage of individuals that have completed the survey, grouped by their OCR ability:

-Beginners (12.5%)

-Intermediates (37.5%)

-Elites ( 50%)

2. How would you rate the race’s entries/ registration efficiency?

4.5 stars

2. How well were the race obstacles built?

3.5 stars

4. Percentage of votes for the favoured discipline in the race:

– Running (87.5%)

– Strength-related obstacles (0%)

– Technical obstacles (0%)

– Evenly Allocated (12.5%)

5. Running difficulty?

6. Strength-related obstacles difficulty?

7. Technical obstacles difficulty?

8. Do you feel this race was good value for money?

3.5 stars

9. Rating of Prizes handed out?

10. Rating of the spectators encouragement and race venue vibe?

3.5 stars

11. Top Comments:

The event was amazing. ….except you have people claiming your prizes who have entered Elite and who didn’t do the obstacles. There were no marshals to prevent this….and it’s very disappointing when you don’t get your podium position because people cheat!!! ~Elite athlete

Marshalls left certain obstacles after a certain point and participants had to figure out some obstacles or they own and some participants didn’t even bother completing the obstacles where there weren’t any marshalls… ~ Beginner athlete

I enjoyed the race but the routes were not marked out too well. ~ Elite athlete

Pity about the marshals sending the top guys the wrong way, but otherwise awesome event with great potential!! ~ Intermediate athlete