SA team selection 2017

  • SA OCR is an NPC (Non-Profit Company) it is not officially linked to or recognized by SASCOC or any other governing sports body in SA.
  • Any qualifying Athlete may attend OCRWC at their own expense.
  • It is up to the athlete to decide if they want to enter age category or pro category.
  • Members of SA OCR that have made the team selection and who compete in the category as selected are eligible for financial assistance from SA OCR.
  • Members need to contact SA OCR ASAP to confirm their intent on attending OCRWC.
  • We will communicate with you personally to arrange discounted entries, Flights, accommodation (on site) and financial assistance.
  • SA OCR members get priority booking on accommodation followed by team members who are not members of SA OCR.

These ratings are provisional (due to the seeding index fluctuating) and will be revised and finalised on the 31st of July 2017.

If you have any issues with your seeding, contact SA Seeding directly.



Thomas van Tonder
(seeding index: 4.38)

Claude Eksteen
(seeding index: 5.04)

Louis Smit
(seeding index: 7.62)


Hanneké Dannhauser
(seeding index: 27.27)

Trish Bahlmann
(seeding index: 27.55)

Sabrina Daolio
(seeding index: 27.94)


13-17 Male

Primary: Dylan van Tonder

(seeding index: 70.91)

Reserve: Cayde de Waal

(seeding index: 72.11)

13-17 Female

Primary: Nicole Claassen

(seeding index: 69.96)

18-24 Male

Primary: Greg Avierinos

(seeding index: 7.7)

Reserve: Hlelani Radebe

(seeding index: 10.64)

18-24 Female

Primary: Michelle Meyer

(seeding index: 41.09)

25-29 Male

Primary: Bradley Claase

(seeding index: 11.87)

Reserve: Marius Smith

(seeding index: 18.12)

25-29 Female

Primary: Arina Coetzee

(seeding index: 29.78)

Reserve: Daniella Lagerwey

(seeding index: 43.2)

30-34 Male

Primary: Trevor Lagerwey

(seeding index: 12.18)

Reserve: James Meredith

(seeding index: 17.15)

30-34 Female

Primary: Dominique D’Oliviera

(seeding index: 32.00)

Reserve: Talitha Scholtz

(seeding index: 42.58)

35-39 Male

Primary: Egor Oussov

(seeding index: 27.16)

Reserve: Dewald van Wyk

(seeding index: 29.55)

35-39 Female

Primary: Carina Marx

(seeding index: 33.33)

Reserve: Catherine Robson

(seeding index: 41.67)

40-44 Male

Primary: Clive Edwards

(seeding index: 30.15)

Reserve: Tiaan Venter

(seeding index: 32.82)

40-44 Female

Primary: Chantel Nienaber

(seeding index: 45.32)

Reserve: Samantha Gilchrist

(seeding index: 46.95)

45-49 Male

Primary: Dan van Hemert

(seeding index: 34.62)

Male Team

Thomas   |   Claude   |   Louis

Female Team

Hanneke   |   Trish   |   Sabrina

Mixed Team

Greg  |  Dominique  |  Bradley