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Race Reports: Thomas van Tonder – OCR World Championships

A look back at another year of top class OCR at Blue Mountain in Toronto Canada This is not only one of the biggest events of the year, it was my target race for 2017 as well. This was the second year

SA at OCR World Champs – Results

Please note that these results are both unofficial and will be getting updated as we get more results in. If you see that there is someone that isn’t on the list, please message us on facebook so that we can

Race Report: Stefan Lotter – Warrior #6

Having done my last Warrior Race at Emerald Casino in March, I was hungry for another, and Warrior #6 at Tierpoort Adventure Farm filled that void. The Black-Ops Elite race Sunday morning was tough but a lot of fun and

Race Report: Jaime Griffiths – Warrior #6

Tierpoort adventure farm. My second official finish this year, 2nd consecutive race. For me that is enough, to just finish. To know that getting through those ropes and getting through breaking point wasn’t just a fluke! My confidence and self-belief

Thomas van Tonder: Saving with the SA OCR Membership

Thomas van Tonder explains how much he will have saved by the end of 2018 thanks to the SA OCR Membership. He’ll have done 12 The Warrior Race Races, 3 Impi Challenge and Festival Races, 2 OCT South Obstacle Course Training Races, and 10 The Beast OCR Races.

The Beast loses to Team JEEP SA

PIETERMARITZBURG, 28 FEBRUARY 2017 – On the weekend of the 25th of February, hundreds of OCR athletes participated in Race 8 of The Beast Challenge at the Wedge Outdoor Park in Muldersdrift. Three Jeep Team SA’s athletes raced the relentless

Muddy Princess OCR writeup.

What happens when you organise an Obstacle Course purely for women? What happens when women participate in a women’s only environment, without the testosterone-fuelled competitiveness of a podium, harsh obstacles, and punishing terrain? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying

SA OCR Team & Squad Announcement

We are proud to announce the athletes selected to represent SA OCR at the OCR World Championships. Team athletes will receive financial assistance from SA OCR. Squad athletes can join the team if they are going to attend, and will