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Race Report: Stefan Lotter – GI Joe #4

In what was a great race to end of my 2017 OCR season, I was fortunate enough to win this weekend’s GI JOE Fish Eagle Clash – Commander Challenge at the Tikwe River Lodge in Virginia. Like the previous battle,

Race Report: Stefan Lotter – Warrior 8

Day of Days: Black-Ops Elite Without a doubt, this was the most fun I had at a Warrior Race to date! Since not being at Meerendal in October, this was the first time I got to experience the sprint race

Race Report: Michelle Meyer – #Warrior8

Black Ops Elite, Individual Sprint and Team Sprint race ALL in one day… thank goodness for adrenaline!? Standing at the start of the last 2017 Warrior Race it was something to appreciate… This massive group of people, from all over

Race Report: Carina Marx – Warrior 8

Toyota Warrior Race #8 27/28 November 2017 @ Riversands Firstly, a very BIG shout out to the Warrior race and Advendurance team for giving us a wonderful year of OCR Racing!! Thank you team!! The Warrior Race The race started

Race Report: Elmarie Van Oudtshoorn – Momentum Multiply Adventure Challenge at GOGlife style park

3 race options: 1) apprentice 15 obstacles 2km For everyone 2) brave 22 obstacles 2km For the brave 3) extremist 30 obstacles 2km For those who need a bit of a challenge I was given the amazing opportunity to partner

Race Report: Dominique D’Oliviera (Triple Crown)

Apologies for the delay in posting this race report, it’s taken a while for everything to sink in. Thereis much I want to say so I must warn you, this is a long one, but I’ll try not to bore

Race Report: Thomas van Tonder – OCR World Championships

Race Report OCR World Championships 2017 A look back at another year of top class OCR at Blue Mountain in Toronto Canada This is not only one of the biggest events of the year, it was my target race for 2017 as well. This

South Africans bringing the heat to the chilly OCR World Champs 2017

No room for error. This was the motto on this tough 3.2km “Sprint” course, a big change for our athletes, who are used to a sprint course being under 500m! With age groups blistering out of the blocks before the

Race Report: Carina Marx – Spartan World Championships

As I reflect over the past weekend, it feels so surreal. I had the best time of my life! This is a bit long, but this is one race report I don’t want to back down on. Let me start

Race Report: Thomas Lands – Warrior #6

On the day of the race, I was feeling well rested, well prepared and very relaxed. While waiting for the start of the race I took a moment of silence to thank Father God for the opportunity and for the