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Louis Smit: Worlds Toughest Mudder 2018 Recap

Worlds Toughest Mudder had come and gone, and boy was it a challenge. To every single soul who got out there and braved the cold I just want to congratulate you, its hard to describe, you won’t know how brutal

Carla van Huyssteen: Worlds Toughest Mudder 2018 Recap

Soooo the last 24 hours was very interesting to say the least. The long and short of it was that we are super proud of Louis Smit and Thomas van Tonder who out did themselves in super Tough condition by completing 10 laps about

Race Report: Tom Basson – Tough Mudder TX

It’s 2:30 in the morning and I am struggling. My headlamp has gone out, and I’m slipping and sliding in ankle deep mud, cutting my hands on rocks and exposed branches as I fumble in the pitch dark. This was

Race Report [video]: Thomas van Tonder – Warrior #2

Race Report: Stefan Lotter – Warrior #2

Whenever there’s a big event in your hometown you feel responsible to be at your best. This is what all the excitement of having Warrior in Bloemfontein for the first time ever this weekend had come to – to give

Race Report: James Meredith – Warrior #1

This weekend saw the first race of the season with The Warrior Race#1 kicking off at Riversands in JHB. This race came a lot earlier in the year than normal, a going into it, I wasn’t sure if I had the

Race Report: Carina Marx – Warrior #1

I will keep it short and sweet… It was a serious rollercoaster weekend of racing for me. After a disappointing performance in the Sprint finals Saturday, I had to dig deep and shake it off to find my mojo for

Race Report: Stefan Lotter – GI Joe #4

In what was a great race to end of my 2017 OCR season, I was fortunate enough to win this weekend’s GI JOE Fish Eagle Clash – Commander Challenge at the Tikwe River Lodge in Virginia. Like the previous battle,

Race Report: Stefan Lotter – Warrior 8

Day of Days: Black-Ops Elite Without a doubt, this was the most fun I had at a Warrior Race to date! Since not being at Meerendal in October, this was the first time I got to experience the sprint race

Race Report: Michelle Meyer – #Warrior8

Black Ops Elite, Individual Sprint and Team Sprint race ALL in one day… thank goodness for adrenaline!? Standing at the start of the last 2017 Warrior Race it was something to appreciate… This massive group of people, from all over