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South Africans bringing the heat to the chilly OCR World Champs 2017

No room for error. This was the motto on this tough 3.2km “Sprint” course, a big change for our athletes, who are used to a sprint course being under 500m! With age groups blistering out of the blocks before the

Race Report: Carina Marx – Spartan World Championships

As I reflect over the past weekend, it feels so surreal. I had the best time of my life! This is a bit long, but this is one race report I don’t want to back down on. Let me start

Race Report: Thomas Lands – Warrior #6

On the day of the race, I was feeling well rested, well prepared and very relaxed. While waiting for the start of the race I took a moment of silence to thank Father God for the opportunity and for the

Race Report: Johan Naude – Warrior #6

Blackops Elite, by an average but passionate OCR athlete.   1st of all I just want to say thank you: Thank you to The Warrior race for a challenging and fun race, to SA OCR for helping with the ticket

Race Report: Dan Marland van Hemert – Warrior #6

I haven’t done one of these in a while, but sometimes good things (the absence of my event recaps) need to end and be replaced with the not so good things (a recap of my event). Having only been back

Race Report: Talitha Scholtz – Warrior #6

After being off due to injury for 3months I was so nervous for this Warrior race. I haven’t done any proper running and I knew I wasn’t in top form. Standing at the start with all the usual crowd and

Race Report: James Meredith – Waterra #3

This past weekend saw the 3rd Waterra event taking place at Infinite Adventures in the Valley of a 1000 Hills. This venue is known for its savage hills and grueling trails, so the running was always going to be tough.

Race Review & Report: Stefan Lotter – GI Joe

While this was a busy OCR weekend in most regions, a few OCR athletes tested what central SA had to offer with the third leg of the GI Joe series (a.k.a the Bearded Vulture Clash) at Tikwe River Lodge in

Race Report: Elmarie Van Oudtshoorn – Warrior #5

Durban Warrior race…building my “big-match temperament (BMT)” My first reaction was to just let the Sunday race disappointment die silently, but today I realized that being real about the failures on the road to success is a crucial part of

Race Report: Louis Smit – GI Joe #3

Day 1 The first day of the event was all about the 12km OCR event for me and the course was set as usual but this time Tikwe-Lodge was hosting an MTB race as well which caused some confusion on