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BROOKLYN, NY/ CAPETOWN, ZA (October 17, 2017) – Tough Mudder, Inc. and Invictus Events and Entertainment Pty Ltd (IEE) announced today its new partnership to bring the world’s leading obstacle course challenge to South Africa in 2018. The multi-year partnership

Hindsight is 20/20 – OCR World Champs: Age or Pro?

OCR world champs comes around once a year, and every year a set of South Africans go across to compete. Now competing in World Championships in itself is an awesome honour and experience, but you’re not only competing in the World Championships,

South Africans bringing the heat to the chilly OCR World Champs 2017

No room for error. This was the motto on this tough 3.2km “Sprint” course, a big change for our athletes, who are used to a sprint course being under 500m! With age groups blistering out of the blocks before the

Thomas, Bradley and Carina to go off to Tahoe and compete in Spartan World Champs!

“So we are 9 days out of race weekend, team that would be representing SA is myslef #BEASTMODE, Carina Marx and Bradley Claase. We are taking on the ‘Beast’ category on Saturday and the first ever team Spartan World Champs

Overcoming the Pillow

Facing the first obstacle of the day – getting out of bed It’s still dark outside – and probably cold too. Your muscles ache because you did too much training yesterday, or maybe because you did not do enough. Either

The word that athletes fear most: INJURY

Recovery is not a smooth process. It’s more like riding the Anaconda at Gold Reef City even though you’re scared of heights, and the person next to you regurgitates their lunch on your lap… It’s one heck of a ride