Athlete Fund

About the fund?

South African athletes face a unique challenge with the worsening of the South African Rand: It is becoming increasingly difficult for our athletes to travel overseas to compete in the international events, due simply to the staggering costs of travel and accommodation. At SA OCR, the OCR World Championships are our main focus for the fund at the moment. We are passionate about our sport and passionate that South Africa should be well represented at World Championships this year.

With the launch of the Athlete Fund, we aim to help get our top OCR athletes to Canada to compete at the OCR World Championships in October. The hope is that some of our local races and supporters will get on board and support SA’s top athletes! The Championships run for three days, during which time the athletes need to cover all their own costs.

If you’d like to contribute to the Fund please contact us on Facebook or via email at
**The Athlete fund is only accessible to SA OCR members.

1rocketsR50 600 in Gear
2Warrior RaceR20 000
3impiR11 450
4battleR3 300
5beast-challenge-logoR2 200
6logoR2 000
8octlogoR 865
9besnappedR 712R 812
10jokesR 533