The Deep Grind Double

Are you ready to push your limits? Have you bought your Grind ticket? Now you can attempt a second lap taking you to Legend status over 10km and 60 Obstacles AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!

“The Deep Grind Double is the first of its kind in South Africa and it is your chance to show the world how tough you are by completing our course twice, back to back, with no breaks in between!

The concept is simple: We will have a slip route at the end of your first run, if you are brave enough you will run past the finish line and back onto the course for your second lap.

If you complete the second lap your photo will be added to the Wall of Pain ( See below)as a fully fledged Deep Grind Double Beast.

  • You don’t need to change your registration, just choose the slip route at the finish line and off you go
  • Make sure you ring the bell at the start of your second lap so we know who you are
  • Let our marshal mark you at the start of your second lap so we can monitor your progress and make sure you SURVIVE
  • If you complete  your second lap go to our finishers photographer with your name and we will put you up on the Wall of Pain

Have a look at their website: The Grind Race

Have a look at their Facebook: The Grind Race

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