Race Report: Louis Smit – GI Joe #3

Day 1
The first day of the event was all about the 12km OCR event for me and the course was set as usual but this time Tikwe-Lodge was hosting an MTB race as well which caused some confusion on the route for me. I heard from the organizers that Anele Bans from the Grind in Cape Town would be joining me for this race and was really looking forward to the challenge, but unfortunately, his bus broke down and I only got to chat with him later after my race. Hopefully, in the future, we will get to race as I heard he was really strong on this course in the past.

None the less I started the race rather easy as I wasn’t feeling 100% as I had a sinus infection which started about two days prior to the event. I smashed my obstacles hard and built a big lead heading into the last obstacles and enjoyed the spectators giving me positive feedback on my performance.

First win was in the bag, first phase of my weekend had gone perfectly, now my focus was on recovery and just relaxing for day 2.

Day 2

Day 2 was way more exciting as Team Besnapped showed up and PieterSakkie who has supported this event from day 1. Also Stefan Lotter a guy I met at warrior earlier this year, and non-other than the queen of OCR in SA Hanneké Dannhauser. I knew this wouldn’t be a walk in the park as Calvin Van Wyk from team Besnapped was a speedster who specialized in the shorter 6-10km races.

The race start again wasn’t brutal or didn’t feel as quick, I only heard afterwards that we were going at just about under 3:30p/km pace and as I predicted Calvin was on my shoulder the first part of the race. As the obstacles came one after the other it was evident that I was slowly but surely making a gap on everyone and soon was cruising along comfortably in the lead.

After the monkey-bars and ninja rings I heard that Calvin was about 4minutes behind me and in my mind there I decided to push harder to the finish and see how far I can make that gap. I came into the last obstacles with a really high intensity. There was also a new multi-rig obstacle, loved the new challenge and smashed that obstacle. I got to the finish and just as I crossed the line the other athletes came into the venue area. I was really happy with the win and get to drive home a new Hyundai Creta sponsored by Ultra Motors Welkom, thanks so much for this great prize.

My weekend was great and I reached my goals for the weekend. Thanks again to Tikwe Lodge and the GI Joe Xtreme Adventures team for setting up a great event again. Also thanks to my sponsors team Nevarest, Toyota and Key Health who made this all possible for me. Next up is Warrior #6-Tierpoort hope to see you there. #saocr #nevarestteam#toyotasa #keyhealthmedicalscheme #gijoextremeadventures

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