Race Report: Elmarie Van Oudtshoorn – Warrior #5

Durban Warrior race…building my “big-match temperament (BMT)”
My first reaction was to just let the Sunday race disappointment die silently, but today I realized that being real about the failures on the road to success is a crucial part of building success in life.

I just need to start off by saying I race and train because I believe it is my calling and in and through that, God will be glorified and lifted higher. By saying this, I realize that things will not always end up my way or in my perception of success.

I woke up Sunday morning, it was a beautiful day in Durban. Warrior Rick got us all psyched up for our race and off we go…straight to the beach for our 1,5km sand run.
I felt heavy and fatigued early on, but figured that I will push though, it will go away as my body warms up.

Continued the run, obstacles and got to Mission Impossible…not allowed to touch the straps and sides, we had to get over it. Those who train with me will know that this obstacle is really not something that I consider as my weakness, but yet, I tried and tried and probably spend what felt like 30 minutes there.

Emotionally tired and fighting the thought of quitting the race, I continued

Feeling tired, heavy and fatigued, I battled to the iron rig. When I got there, they stopped /closed 3 of the lanes due to an athlete being injured. Obviously out of curiosity, you look…and seeing my training buddy Zack Snyders aka Zack Attack lying there did not leave me feeling brave.

So off Zack goes in the ambulance and I go, be brave. Parallel bars, Monkey rings, balance beam and the unchained. Crowd getting excited as I get to the last unchained ring and did not grip it properly. It all happens so quickly and if only I could pause right there hanging and think for a second, it would make a great difference.

I just had to lift my leg up and ring the bell and I would have been done.
But yet, ended up sitting in the sand and could not hold the emotions any more. It has been a long battle to this point and even though it might seem to a spectator that it was just the first attempt, it has been a brutal last hour for me.

Wearing my heart on my sleeve was an understatement. The disappointment of wanting to do well in this race, the hours of hard work and training and just putting my heart and sole into this just all came together right there.

A wise and gentle stranger pulled me aside, said to me that I have to give it another try and fully commit. Lots of friends supported me at that stage.
I tried again but my hands were sore and very tired and I did not make it again.

I went to the marshal to take my DQ armband off and then it was stuck on my arm, he struggled and I heard janice and a few friends saying, yes its not meant to come off.

Correct, it was not meant to come off!


I will rise and I will conquer this!

Thank you to you who supported and still support me on this journey in your own way.
It is absolutely stunning and fulfilling sharing this with you!
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