Race Report: Ricardo Rebelo – Warrior #5

Toyota #Warrior5 Blythedale Coastal Estate
Commando Elite +-10/12Km and 22 Obstacle’s
Position 3rd Overall and 3rd in u/22
Time – 55 Minutes and 55 seconds

After a long well deserved break through mid-season we headed down to KZN for a kick start to the second half of the season. Heading down to Durban knowing I had an injury already had me on the back foot! After doing all the prep and strengthening to heal up as much as I could and tried to do as much prep as I could for the long upcoming season ahead. As I done my last run to loosen up for my race the next day I felt extremely unhappy and uneasy about my shins.

As race day came the nerves were extremely unbearable to handle and knew that it was a reality again to be racing. Getting myself all strapped up for the much-needed support I needed before the race and going through my usual warm ups and mental preparations. I headed into the starting arch feeling every butterfly more than ever I knew the time had come to get my game face on! As the legend, WarriorRic motivated us and got us all amped up he sent us off and it was a sprint for the first 30m to the first obstacle. We then headed down to the beach to the second obstacle and then onto a 3km run on the beach which I really enjoyed the most as I was in my comfort zone and cruising alongside Brandon in front of the pack.

As we headed onto land I battled to get into a comfortable rhythm and reached about 4km in and my shins started to get aggravated and were shooting sharp pains but I knew I had to fight on till the end. Going through each obstacle smoothly as I could to try get the running right I just couldn’t. We eventually got a long hill which I grinded through and then pushed on in second place.

We got to about 2km from the end and saw 3rd place closing in and I tried to push through but in the end, I couldn’t push anymore and just tried to finish this battle without causing anymore damage to my shins than I have done already. I settled into 3rd place and finishing a horrible race with so much pain! With all this said I can say YOU MAY SEE ME STRUGGLE, BUT YOU WILL NEVER SEE ME QUIT! I was heartbroken with my performance knowing what I could do but sometimes you win a battle and sometimes you don’t.

I would like to say thank you to Stacey Claase and Bradley Claase for all your support and help on my recovery and to Calen Hastie for trying to push me to go on and for the encouraging words and advice you a true champion thanks mate. Well done to my Team OCT South Obstacle Course Training and BesnappedBattleRushKeyHealth Nevarest Team,Jeep Team. Thank you CoachNeville for getting me to where i am today on my running! And Rudi Shaun Delport for my endurance and obstacle
McD Squared
Vita Coco
NPL – Nutritional Performance Labs
The Warrior Race
Nutritional Performance Labs – NPL
Pand-Ana Promotions PTY LTD

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