Race Report: Hanneké Dannhauser – JumpCity

It amazes me how the sport of OCR has grown in South Africa since 2013- and I have the feeling this is only the beginning!

These days you get all types of OCR races- from indoor OCR, the rugged The Warrior Race to a race where you run with animals and even pass lions  GI JOE Xtreme Obstacle Race to a more Urban course the Jump City Challenge– each one amazing in their own right!

On the 8th of August I did the #JumpCityChallenge and wow this was super fun!

We had to run all over Goldreef City theme park and then through the Apartheid museum (what an experience)!

With challenges varying from monkey bars going over stuff going under obstacles, some boot camp activities (loved the burpees ) and we even had to go through a cave not being able to see anything but the mist in front of us!

I really enjoyed the race, the vibe, the people but most of all the privilege to be able to do the race being healthy and without injury.

Each day of health and fitness is a gift  – don’t take it for granted!

Be grateful, be positive and live life to the fullest!

All the honor and glory to my Heavenly Father!

Thanks to all the sponsors for making this event possible for us to enjoy and of course the prizes at prizegiving- I received a whole bunch of cool stuff and I just have to mention them!
PERI South Africa
Eat Naked

Probably most importantly- the companies who is helping me to be the best I can be:

FitChef Food – Eating Concepts
Bright Weights
Wodwelder South Africa
Fido Strength & Fitness

Thank you!

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