Race Report: Marius Van Rooyen – The Beast

So the team at The Beast and Jukwaa decided that winter is no excuse for OCR athletes to not unleash their inner beasts and so they put together the Beast Winter Challenge. With a later starting time, no water or DQ bands and some challenging obstacles, we were primed for an awesome event.


I was looking forward to this race ever since they announced it but misfortune hit me and it looked like I wouldn’t be able to participate. Fortunately there are some amazing people in OCR in South Africa and without any questions asked my entry to the event was sorted. I need to make special mention of Mandie Papendorf, the event manager for The Beast Challenge who made the day possible for me and also Rudi Delport, the owner at OCT South who also offered to sponsor me with free training sessions at OCT South with his team. Its people like you that makes this sport great, thank you so much!

Mandie and Marius after the race. Such a friendly person and always ready to help.

Spectators, kids, family, friends and athletes started pitching up from even before 09:00 when registrations opened. The turnout was great with a lot more people than was expected.

As always, 3D Nutrition came out to promote their products and provide us with awesome pre-workout and whey protein to prime our bodies for the race ahead.

The food stalls also filled the atmosphere with delicious smells of pulled pork burgers, boerie rolls and everything else that made tummies growling form early on.

As race time started drawing near, you could see athletes warming up their legs, muscles and joints with the atmosphere becoming more and more exciting. The Polar Bear (8km) solo batch was the first to set off at 11:00 with Thomas van Tonder leading the pack…..as usual.  

The 8km teams set off after and then the time came for me to head to the starting line with all the other Snow Fox (4km) athletes.

As soon as we started, I realized that this was going to be a fast-paced race with athletes quickly sprinting for the lead position. With no water, there were more obstacles requiring grip and upper body strength which made for a proper challenge on this winter morning.

Being able to hit the bell at the first obstacle which was the hanging balls over the bands raised a huge smile on my face as I realized that my grip strength has improved dramatically and that the race can only get better from here.

The leopard crawl under the barbed wire is always a good obstacle ensuring some roasties on my knees. I managed to pass some runners under the wire which pumped me up even more.

The trail run between the obstacles always provides beautiful scenery at this great venue making one realized how good it actually is to be in the outdoors, fit and doing what you love.

The last stretch to finish was awesome with the net climb proving to be more challenging than I first suspected. The lash on my left tricep is evidence thereof.

I managed to cross the finish line in approximately 46min, which was way behind the leaders but still a very good personal time. I have huge respect for the athletes that achieved a podium with amazing times at sub-30 minutes.

Thank you to everyone involved putting together another great event. Congratulations to all podium finishers with amazing times. I am already looking forward to the Beast #11 on 2 September 2017 where we will again unleash our beasts. OCR is truly an addictive sport and it is amazing to see how passionate people are about competing, arranging and promoting these events. Looking forward to having my own podium one day and I will not stop until I have achieved it.

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