Race Report: Ricardo Rebelo – OCT South #BreakoutChallenge3 


The Wolf Elite which is about 11km and 15 obstacles.
1st Place overall with a time of 54 minutes and 6 seconds

Heading into #BreakoutChallenge #3 with a good rest and some good training sessions feeling very nervous and sore. I could have had more training time but due to being ill that didn’t happen and still not 100%, I just went into it trying the best I could.

As we got sent off I was straight into top 3 and running a decent pace knowing what to expect and when to push. I was running behind Brandon for about the first 3Km and then his hamstring was busy acting up so I ran infront of him and giving him guidance and keeping a steady pace for both of us. A little further on I twisted my knee and felt instant swelling. Despite the injury I kept pushing on with the help of Brandon and I rotating the pace making to keep one another going.

He would not leave my side as we were fighting this as team mates. As we got to a technical section I now twisted my ankle on my other leg so Brandon said to me “He is my left knee and right ankle and I’m his hamstring” lol. As the race went on we kept a decent pace and kept the 1st place runner insight. The route was very technical and hilly I must say. As we started the decent down the mountain towards the 1st inflatable obstacle and last 2km the running pace intensified.
Forgetting about the pain and just giving my all to sprint down the mountain with no fear or worry about falling, Brandon and I managed to get into 1st and 2nd place.

As we started the fun inflatable obstacle I slipped and slided everywhere with no grip on my shoes I managed to get through. We pushed on and entered the OCT arena and we were in the lead. I knew the hard part was over and I now entered my comfort zone and strong point, the obstacles.

We pushed through and had a healthy lead. Turning around after every obstacle and encouraging my team mate to push hard through the obstacles till the end. Going through the obstacles I felt like it was perfect for my ability. I would like to say thank you to my mate Brandon for sticking with me and pushing me when I needed it.

I would like to say thank you to my sponsors for making this all happen for me, without you none of this would be possible for me. Thank you to my coaches Rudi and CoachNeville for putting all the time and effort into making me a better athlete than I was yesterday. Thank you for all the support and encouragement from my girlfriend Danielle, mom Michelle, pops Sebastian, Grandparents, OCT South Obstacle Course Training team and sponsors Lizelle, Irene, Kerry, Evan, Hyrc, Elvina. Thank you to Pand-Ana Promotions PTY LTD for the awesome kit and our new addition to the family NPL – Nutritional Performance Labs.

Congratulations on all podium finishes I know the route was extremely tougher than usual especially the 15km.
#LovewhatIDO #OCRSA #OCR #ChallengeAccepted

Well done to Jeep Team,BattleRush,Besnapped,KeyHealth Nevarest Team you did awesome.

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