WarriorRic’s 4 “P’s” of Success #4

I have identified the 4Ps of success in my life and others’:

As already discussed, it is not wise to initiate one’s journey towards success with Purpose. Purpose must be discovered. I discovered mine by exploring the other Ps first: Presence, Patience, and Passion.

At last, we reach PURPOSE:

We spend too much time trying to explain to others how and what we do.

What we ought to be sharing is our Purpose.

Purpose is the best driver for attaining our goals.

Unlike passion, purpose sustains us.

Purpose builds us.

Purpose differentiates us.

Purpose is why we get up in the morning.

When we infuse our Passion with Purpose we are unstoppable.

It is unlikely one has found his Purpose before he finds his Passion.

Purpose goes deep. And in order to get there, you need Passion to discover it!


“To know your purpose is more important than any skill or talent. For without it, you can never really optimise your gift.” -WarriorRic