WarriorRic’s 4 “P’s” of Success #2

I have identified the 4Ps of success in my life and others’:

They’re not in any particular order, but you should note that Purpose is the most important. However, it is not wise to initiate one’s journey towards success with Purpose. Purpose must be discovered. I discovered mine by exploring the other Ps first: Presence, Patience, and Passion.

Now, before I start each day, I remind myself of my Purpose, give thanks for discovering it and ask myself if I am living it!


‘Showing up’ is a seed an investment towards your goal. But there are many seeds to sow before your journey: Preparation, training, sharing, gearing up etc.

DSC_4055Continue to sow before she along the journey, but the key is not to depend upon a lone seed.
Plant many seeds. Make several investments in time, effort, finances, and your gift.
Plant often and everywhere.
Allowing ‘Patience to have her perfect work’ does not mean sitting on your hands, it means allowing other people and forces to water, nurture, plow and prune after you plant.
Take advice, meditate on your next steps, observe others who have attained their goals.
Patience can be very difficult for the ambitious, use ambition to be tenacious, but flexible.
We learn from allowing patience to have her perfect work, and gain tremendously from not reacting in haste.
Patience is indeed a virtue.

“You can never really know your goal, your value, your worth or your direction without first shutting out the noise that arises the closer you get to your goal.” – WarriorRic