WarriorRic’s 4 “P’s” of Success #1

warrior ric presence

I have identified the 4Ps of success in my life and others’:

They’re not in any particular order, but you should note that Purpose is the most important. However, it is not wise to initiate one’s journey towards success with Purpose. Pupose must be discovered. I discovered mine by exploring the other Ps first: Presence, Patience and Passion.

Now, before I start each day, I remind myself of my Purpose, give thanks for discovering it and ask myself if I am living it!


We cannot wait until we have all of our ducks in a row.

Speak your goals into existence. Use your words as a creative force.

Talking about your goals to supporters will uplift you… to haters, will dis’ you.

So, use your Presence as a gauge to who your real supporters are.

Regardless of the circumstances or how you feel, SHOW UP!

You will never know what you are capable of by just talking about your goals.

Your sheer Presence proves the detractors in your mind wrong and builds confidence.

Be Present where your goals are being attained by others. Listen, watch, learn and keep trying!

It does you no good to show up to observe only. Get involved. Give it a shot. Give it your all.

Once you get momentum in your spirit, your Presence will be felt, and the journey will become your own. No one else’s.

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