Who is WarriorRic and what’s “Right Here” about?

Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) represents a unique opportunity for me as a Speaker, MC and Facilitator. My work is centered around inspiring, motivating and transforming individuals and companies in order to align vision and values for shared success. Obstacles can be an inevitable deterrent to our goals, but when we see obstacles as opportunities, we more readily experience growth, development, and attainment of our most aspirant goals.

Being the Chief Inspirer and Brand Ambassador for the largest OCR property in Africa, Jeep Warrior Race, I am afforded the privilege of engaging intimately with a vast array of people from diverse backgrounds with unique needs. I have learned first hand that meeting ambitious goals requires three main ingredients: speaking goals aloud, showing up and failing forward. OCR is perhaps the best sporting event for anyone keen to experience an array of physical, mental and emotional challenges that when attempted will transform their lives for the better.


For me, inspiring thousands of participants from the start of an OCR event, motivating them to finish, celebrating finishers and encouraging defeated entrants is personally and professionally empowering, energising and life changing. As the groundswell of participants, spectators and partners elevates OCR to new heights into the future, I hope my contribution will galvanise support, inspire athletes and transform lives. “An OCR athlete, regardless of capability, is a unique individual with a bodacious goal, prepared to meet the challenge of any natural or man-made obstacle alone and with his team because he knows that humility is the beginning of greatness.” -WarriorRic

WarriorRic’s signature line is “Where my soldiers at?” “Right here!” 

WarriorRic will be posting “Motivational Monday” posts on SA OCR from March 2016 as part of elevating the growth of OCR in South Africa. Look out for his posts every Monday right here on the SA OCR website!

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